Pre-information tattoo

For each customer, a consent declaration is required, which can only be completed personally in the studio. The minimum age for tattoos is 18 years!


Our prices are based on detail, color and size of the original and vary from motive to motive. For more detailed information or a costs estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us personally!

How is the down payment charged?

Down payments will only be charged with an actual tattoo-appointment and will not be refunded! The down payment consists of the workload, e.g. advice, answering e-mails, sketches, and of course, the appointment itself. In the case of cancellation or non-compliance with the date, as well as in cases of illness, the deposit will not be refunded. For a new appointment we ask for a new deposit.

We ask for your understanding.

Tattoo after care
  • always wash hands before touching your new tattoo
  • leave the bandage on over night, remove the next morning and shower
  • shower daily using only ph-neutral soap
  • only start applying cream after 3 days, apply thin 2 times per day, we recommend either tattoo- or panthenol-salve
  • no solarium, sunbathing, swimming, sauna for 4 weeks
  • no sports for 2 weeks
  • during the healing process never scratch or pick the tattoo
  • wear clean, loose and breathable clothing

For further questions and information please turn to us.

Pre-information piercing

We have many years of experience with piercings and are also there for you in concerns of after treatment. For each customer, a consent declaration is required, which can only be completed personally in the studio. Minors are pierced only with the consent of their parents. The minimum age is 14 years!


Piercings are done with sterile titanium or PTFE jewelery only, and sterile work material.

Piercing after care
Corona-rules in the shop
  • Appointments by appointment only
  • With an incidence value above 35 in Erlangen, customers must adhere to the 3G rule, i.e. vaccinated, recovered or tested! Please show the proof at the appointment
  • Admission only with OP- or FFP2- mask
  • Social distance 1,5 m if possible
  • Disinfect your hands in the waiting room, a dispenser is available there.
  • You´re feeling sick/ cold symptoms, please cancel your appointment ASAP
  • Tip: Bring your own drink/ water, because we´re not allowed to serve you some


Are you looking for a tattoo or piercing? Write us, call us, contact us via our social networks. We are looking forward to you!